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Knows accessibility requirements very thoroughly and is equally thorough when devising remediations. Comes from a place of sincere caring about the issue and with the chops to implement real change. Phenomenal.

Oliver Ghingold

Larunda built a web site in English and French, in just five weeks, for our client in Congo (Africa), amid a huge time difference with the client and power outages in Congo. They were persistent, committed and very supportive to the client, and communicated frequently with us regarding progress and challenges. I was impressed with Lē’s perseverance and clear communications, and the client was very pleased with their skills and support.

Jayne Cravens

It was a real pleasure to work with Larunda while we both had ReadNow as a client. They never needed to be told anything twice. They kept her team informed, set schedules and expectations properly, and was not afraid to ask questions. I’d look forward to working with them again, if the opportunity arose!

Jess Broomer

Larunda was fantastic to work with! They were always very organized, clear, and concise in our meetings. They were straightforward with what everyone needed to do and if I had any questions they were always there to answer them and help me prioritize. I really enjoyed working with Larunda and look forward to working together on future accessibility projects!

Jalena Hay
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One of the things that has struck me the most about Lē is their constant efforts to find creative solutions for big problems, both in their work places and in the world in general. They find joy in new opportunities, and their enthusiasm is infectious.

Alicia Evans

Erica’s user testing knowledge is so impressive to me. Her care and report with the testers lets me know she’s passionate about giving voice to users with disabilities.

Lē Silveus

I didn’t know anything about neurodiversity before I encountered Larunda Accessibility & Neurodiversity. Now my company is on an exciting journey to grow our business in ways we never imagined all while making the world a more inclusive place.

Couldbe You

My company was looking to hire more people with disabilities but after hiring an amazing engineer who is blind, we realized that most of our internal tooling wasn’t accessible to her. Thanks to Larunda we were able to work with our vendors and our internal development teams to fix this an today we have dozens of engineers with a variety of disabilities on our team.

Your Furure
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