Become Accessibility Independent

Expand what it means to be inclusive with accessibility and neurodiversity integration. Our experts support your efforts until you’re ready to go it alone.


Start a neurodiversity program, integrate accessibility into your production processes at every stage, and ensure your documents and internal processes are accessible too. Educate and integrate from C-suite to QA.

We offer neurodiversity and digital accessibility consultancy services to create an inclusive workplace. Neurodiversity recognizes diverse neurological differences, including autism and dyslexia. We provide training, recruitment advice, and long-term inclusion expansion planning.

Our consultancy services promote diversity, innovation, and collaboration. Create a more inclusive workplace and ensure everyone can access the information they need. Contact us to learn more.

Fractional CAO

Share your Chief Accessibility Officer (CAO) with other companies to get dedicated expert help for less.

Our Fractional CAO service allows companies to access the expertise of a CAO on a part-time basis, reducing costs. This service provides a flexible way to ensure that companies meet accessibility standards and regulations. CAOs can perform accessibility audits, provide training on accessibility best practices, develop an accessibility strategy, and perform accessibility testing. This service is accessible to businesses of all sizes, as it offers the flexibility to purchase a portion of a CAO’s time based on their needs and budget.

Accessibility Testing

Make your products accessible to people with disabilities and cognitive differences.

Our Accessibility Testing helps your digital products to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) international standards for accessibility and go beyond by including considerations for cognitive difference. This involves an accessibility audit, prioritizing issues, conducting manual and automated testing, and providing reports. Accessibility Testing ensures that digital products are accessible to all users, regardless of their disabilities, and improves the user experience.


Post testing? Now what? Our engineers can dive into your code themselves or assist your current dev team in fixing your accessibility breaks.

At our company, we understand the importance of accessibility for all users, and we are committed to ensuring that your digital products meet the highest accessibility standards. That’s why we offer code remediation services for accessibility, which involve fixing accessibility issues in the code of digital products and sites. Our team of experts will work with you to identify and prioritize accessibility issues and implement effective fixes to ensure your product meets the WCAG standards. By choosing our code remediation services for accessibility, you can improve the user experience for all users, demonstrate your commitment to accessibility, and comply with accessibility regulations.

UX Research

Get feedback directly from users with disabilities and neurominorities.

At Larunda, we offer inclusive usability testing services that ensure your digital product meets the needs of all users, including neurominorities and people with disabilities. Our expert team includes individuals with disabilities and neurominorities who provide valuable feedback based on their experiences. Using a variety of testing methods, we gather detailed information on user interactions to improve the user experience for everyone. Our detailed reports provide recommendations for enhancing your product’s accessibility and usability. Contact us to learn more about our usability testing services for a more inclusive user experience.

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