About Us

Larunda Inc. is a woman-, LGBTQ+-, neurominority-, and disabled person-owned company based in San Antonio, TX, with years of experience helping clients both large and small to meet their accessibility goals. Our team is committed to helping you work towards inclusion in a way that will build long-term knowledge and the confidence to grow accessibility within your company.

We take pride in fostering inclusion within our own company and actively structure our business in a way that ensures that employees of all abilities have access to fair wages and work-life balance. We believe accessibility and neurodiversity inclusion is a team effort, and we are glad to have you join us in this important work.

Our Values

Larunda speaks through us. When you work with us, you are living the value of inclusion with every dollar of every project. This isn’t just about what we do; it’s about who we are and how we treat our team members.


Larunda strives to be our most accessible selves, not only for our clients but internally, on our teams, with our tools and products, every day. We practice regular self-auditing and are always striving for greater digital inclusion.

Fair Pay

We will never be the cheap option, because we believe in paying living wages especially to people with disabilities who exist under the constant strain of medical costs and other needs that continue to go unsupported here in the US and abroad.


Larunda is changing work for neurominorities, holding space for them to be seen, heard, and appreciated for their authentic selves. We help our team members to find and utilize their natural strengths and we support their struggles.

Safe Workplace

We are committed to true work life balance and have standardized the research backed 4-day/ 6-hour work week with flex scheduling. We also empower workers with communication coaching so that their work relationships can be happy and healthy.

Our Story

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After transitioning to software engineering and accessibility, thriving in school but struggling to make it through the neuro-majority slant of the standard tech interview process Lē Silveus realized that the path would not be the one laid out for the majority but the one created for oneself. Lē incorporated Larunda LLC, also known as Larunda Accessibility Solutions, for the first time as a small sole proprietorship with just three subcontractors and a lot of heart. This form of Larunda was used by the group, all neurodivergent, to gain their first small contracts, the experience needed to move forward. With this experience under their belts, Lē and company were finally able to break into mainstream roles. During this time, Larunda was lovingly set aside with gratitude.

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After three years in a corporate full-time environment, Lē realized that, as long as profit growth was the driving force in any company or society, acceptance of neurominorities and other people with disabilities would only ever be brief. Even in the most mission-driven accessibility companies, Lē saw environments rapidly skew toward abusive whenever next year’s increase in profit over last year’s seemed unlikely. To maintain a healthy work-life balance, Lē and others would be forced to move from company to company to stay ahead of the market-driven labor squeeze and in roles that both allowed for their needed accommodations and respected healthy boundaries. This hardly seemed a sustainable choice. Lē knew then that it was time for Larunda to return as a privately held, female, neurominority, and disability-owned entity unwilling to play the game of profit growth obsession. This time, however, Larunda would emerge as something more than she’d been before.

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Today Larunda Inc., also known as Larunda Accessibility & Neurodiversity Solutions, is the place to go for accessibility and neurodiversity consultancy and usability research about consumers with disabilities. Larunda is also a place where humans from all walks of life can come and learn about these subjects. More than that, Larunda is a safe workplace that pays well and empowers workers with disabilities to live their best lives, whether at work or in the world. Our customers are generous, inclusion-minded companies that want to do more than pay lip service to accessibility and neurodiversity. They are committed to the journey, and they vote with their feet and with their dollars to support people with disabilities and neurominorities in all that they do. They are the leaders in inclusion today.


I worked with Larunda on a remediation project. They are very knowledgeable about accessibility and web development. They are really good at coming up with solutions to very challenging problems and getting those implemented. Larunda is also very proactive in finding issues missed in the initial spec and getting those both documented and done.

Jon Fabeck, Software Engineer at Alaska Airlines E-Commerce

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