Our Geekdom Incubator Experience

What is a Startup Incubator?

Startup incubators are an increasingly popular way for entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground. These programs provide a range of resources and support to help new startups succeed, including mentorship, office space, funding, and access to a network of industry experts.

One of the key benefits of joining a startup incubator is the mentorship and guidance that entrepreneurs receive from experienced industry professionals. This mentorship can help founders avoid common pitfalls and make better strategic decisions, ultimately leading to more successful outcomes.

Our Geekdom Incubator 2023 New Business Cohort

Enter Geekdom

Geekdom is a coworking space and startup incubator located in San Antonio, Texas. It was founded in 2011 by Rackspace Hosting co-founder, Graham Weston, and CoffeeCup Software CEO, Nicholas Longo, with the goal of creating a collaborative community for entrepreneurs, innovators, and creatives.

Geekdom provides a variety of resources and support to its members, including mentorship, workshops, events, and access to a network of industry experts. The space itself is designed to foster collaboration and creativity, with open work areas, private offices, meeting rooms, and a variety of amenities to support members’ work and wellness.

Overall, Geekdom’s mission is to support innovation and entrepreneurship in San Antonio and beyond. They strive to create a collaborative community where entrepreneurs and creatives can thrive, and they continue to expand their offerings and partnerships to support this goal.

Our Experience

For Larunda, the Geekdom incubator was the accountability and encouragement partner that we didn’t know we needed. There are so many moving parts to starting a company, so many hats that new founders need to learn how to wear. Geekdom gave us the perfect opportunity to take on items like marketing, finance and how to seek investors one topic at a time, with clear guidance and practical deliverables due each week to integrate what we learned and get feedback.

and Erica chat with a potential client at the Incubator Showcase event.

As a company by and for neurominorities it has also been important to have allies that understand and accept us for our atypical selves. So far, the Geekdom community has introduced us to a multitude of potential clients and partners and have been welcoming, friendly, and actively helpful. Most groups are not welcoming or friendly to ND people other than in the most superficial ways and real help is all but impossible to find, so this has been a refreshing juxtaposition from what we’re used to out there.

Geekdom has brought us in to do media spots, community engagement events like the Incubator Showcase and Fiesta Tech Trek as well as panels and networking socials. Thanks in large part to Geekdom’s team and the incubator mentors, Larunda has a clearer vision for its future than ever before, and that future is a bright one indeed. With the help from all our new friends here, we know Larunda will be a great success.

and Erica looking bas ass as hell in front of their Incubator Showcase table.

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