How will you expand inclusion?

Your private or public sector organization can integrate accessibility and neurodiversity in the workplace and online with help from Larunda experts.


25% of the world’s population lives with at least one disability, and many use assistive technologies to interface with the web. Are these customers able to access your sites and products?


15% of the world’s population is considered a neurominority. This means their brains work differently than most people’s brains, like those with Autism, Dyspraxia, ADHD, and more.

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Courses, Webinars & More

Level up your team. Build accessibility and neurodiversity skills at your own pace. Visit your content as many times as you need for reference.

Larunda is a company by and for people with disabilities and neurodivergencies. Our experience is life long and our expertise immense, but our instruction to your team will be clear, straight forward and easy to incorporate.

Lē Silveus, founder and CEO

Our Message

Tune in to see what Larunda staff and clients are up to and what they have to say about the latest in accessibility and more.

In the Words of Customers

Lē is a stellar speaker, not just for their wonderful content and delivery, but also for how adept they are at understanding the community they’re presenting to, tracking questions, and being responsive to the individual needs in the space. Lē was an amazing member on a panel focused on neurodiversity in tech [and teaches in our Lovelace Labs speaker series]. I would highly recommend them for any similar engagements on these topics or on other areas of their interest.

Sarah Ervin

Larunda changed everything about the way my teams see and interacts with neurominorities. We realized that we were making all kinds of false assumptions, projecting our neurotype onto people and treating them really badly without even realizing it.

William Simpson
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